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About the Owner/ Mobile Esthetician - Jarie Chantell

JCHANTELL started in a closet... A closet filled with perfumed blouses, scented sweaters, ambrosial sachet bags and baby power sprinkled in sneakers. My mother's closet was my world of aromatic seclusion. Her love of perfumes, help cultivate my love of perfumes, opening up a world of fragrance!


Perfumes, essential oils, imported perfume oils, scented lotions, body washes and bath salts became my affection. My nose was so keen on scents, I could discern at least 5 top notes in most perfumes. I would venture to perfume counters and test the sales persons knowledge of a fragrance ingredients. If there were any doubt, on my end, about the validity of the 5 notes referenced by the sales person; I would pose a challenge. Without looking up the ingredients and/or having any previous awareness of that fragrance, I would smell, sniff, smell, sniff and smell and sniff again. Then I would name between 3 to 5 top notes in the perfume. My nose would win over the sales person nose more times than not!


Aromatherapy oils, flowers, herbs, their respective uses and benefits, ultimately lead me to study, research and concentrate on skin and body care ingredients/products. Facing my own personal challenges with acne, and trying many retail products with some success; I wanted to know more. Learning how to treat my skin, and being asked what I was using, evolved into a sincere and humble interest to assist people with their skin.


So, I went to Esthetician Training and twelve hundred hours later; I graduated from Esthetician School. Next, I successfully passed the state licensing exam - and became a Licensed Esthetician. I hold state Licenses in Virginia, Maryland and Florida.


JChantell, a passion stemming from a closet many years ago, is here today to serve you...