Katari Single Ingredient Facial Oils - 3 Products

Katari Single Ingredient Facial Oils - 3 Products

Black Seed Anti-Acne Skin Healing Oil/Facial Oil

0.2 oz


Not well known, yet known and used since the time of Pharaohs, black seed oil is a very powerful oil that works on most problematic, most irritated, most damaged skin. In Egypt this oil is used to alleviate itching and irritation, and help with acne. Anti-inflammatory in nature it helps alleviate most skin concerns.


Granate Pomegranate Seed Antioxidant Vitamin C Oil



Cold-pressed on small, organic farms in Egypt's Delta of the Nile region, pomegranate seed oil is a "dry" & light oil. When used daily protects skin & hair from environmental damage and is a potent 100% pure source of vitamin C that fights free radicals, boosts collagen production, lightens scars and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.


Black Castor Hair & Brow Oil 100% Cold-Pressed



Black Castor Seed Oil is a favorite for all hair and natural eyelash and eyebrow professionals. It is viscous, concentrated and extremely protective for the hair follicles, which help hair from becoming brittle and promoting new, healthy and speedy hair growth.


Apply on natural eyelashes (lash line), on brows and dry scalp, esp. before & after braiding.  Colors of oil naturally vary from batch to batch due to castor 'bean' roasting.


Cold-press beautiful black seeds grown in the delta of Nile and package oil in a handmade glass amphorae bottle.


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