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This is a 9 Bar  Pre- cut Soap loaf.  ( 3x3x1)

Sold as a bar of 9 soap bars and you can request in the following scents. They are not wrapped individually. 


Sweet Almond


Tropical Garden 


Directions: Wet skin in shower or bath using warm water.  Using a wash cloth, loofah, or puff, rub soap in your choosen material a few times. Rubbing the soap in your wash cloth, loofah or puff will allow the soap to absord in your chosen materal to create a nice lather.  Wash your body, neck down for a through clean.  Follow with moisturizer.


Ingredients:  Coconut Oil, Canola Oil, Soybean Oil,  Organic Shea Butter, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Olive Pomace Oil, Sunflower Oil,  Greek  Yogurt, Sea Salt, Ground Oatmeal.


*Some Soap Bars Contain Oatmeal, Lemon Rinds, Lime Rinds, Sea Salts and Colorant.


*If allergic to any ingredients please do not use or discountinue use.*

*Not Suitable for Sensitive Skin*


PLEASE NOTE: This is a handmade product! Colors and design may vary slightly from batch to batch.

In some instances please Allow up to 3 weeks for delivery

Greek Yogurt Soap Loaf - Various

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$38.25Sale Price