Hebal Clay Spot Treatment

Hebal Clay Spot Treatment

This unique application leaves targeted areas feeling soothed, dry and calmed. Apply a thicker layer on the targeted areas for the night, and use it as a concealer during the day by tapping around the applied area with the fingers.

0.4 fl oz


Skin types & conditions

  • acne care
  • oily, acne, inflamed skin
  • pre- or post-waxing & shaving



  • targeted areas feel dry, soothed and calmed
  • helps with inflammation
  • can be used as a concealer


Directions for application

After facial apply a thicker layer on the inflamed spots on the face, neck or back area, tap in and leave on. Avoid the eyes. It will make red spots fade and not reappear after extractions.


Ingredients: Ichthammol, Clove Oil, Zinc Oxide


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