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Escape into a serene seaside stroll under the moonlit sky. Quiet Cotton envelops you in its soft embrace, a subtle fragrance crafted in the spirit of renewed energy!


At the first breath, notes of aldehydes and Calabrian bergamot whisk you away. The heart blooms with Egyptian jasmine, sweet pea, and mock orange, like a gentle floral breeze.


Finally, white musk and sandalwood ground you in their warm, woody base, as the sound of waves soothes your senses.


Though understated, Quiet Cotton speaks volumes through its tranquil composition. Let its delicate tendrils wrap you in a moment of peaceful escape.


Available Sizes

2 ml / 0.07 oz 

7 ml/ 0.25 oz

30 ml/ 1 oz


Fragrance Notes: Aldehydes, Calabrian bergamot, Egyptian Jasmine, Sweet Pea, Mock Orange, White Musk and Sandalwood.


** When purchasing essential oils, it is crucial to conduct thorough research. It is advised to refrain from using oils during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Make sure to review the list of ingredients before use. If you have any allergies, avoid using the product. Please note that these products are not intended for medical purposes. **

Quiet Cotton - a Fragrance for Women

PriceFrom $1.50
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